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Main Questions

What services does QOP offer?

You can pawn, sell, or shop at any of our 15 locations in Florida. We have local pawn shops in Miami, Lauderdale Lakes, Deerfield, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Port Saint Lucie, Kissimmee, Orlando, and Tampa.

What kind of items can I pawn, buy, or sell?

Some of our most popular items for sale, purchase, and pawn are gold, jewelry, precious stones, luxury watches like Rolex and Cartier, sporting goods like bicycles, electronics such as TVs and laptops, home appliances, power tools like lawn mowers, and even automobiles.

We can give you instant cash for almost anything of value. Just stop by one of our stores and our team of pawnbrokers will be happy to give you a free appraisal for your valuables.

What are the requirements to pawn, sell, and/or shop?

There are no requirements to buy something with us.

If you are interested in pawning with us, you’ll only need a government issued picture ID such as State Issued Driver's License or ID Card, Military ID, Passport, Alien Registration Card, etc. You must also be at least 18 years of age and the legal owner of the item. Larger transactions may require enhanced due diligence procedures.

Will I get more money if I sell or pawn my stuff?

We are committed to providing the most competitive offer whether you want to pawn or sell your items.

When selling your item, we come to an agreement on what it is worth and we give you cash for that amount. When you are pawning an item, you are taking out a loan that can be repaid overtime. If you want to keep ownership of the item, but need be the best option for you!

Can I get a quote or make payments over the phone?

Clients can purchase any item we post on social media. We try to keep this as updated as possible with our current merchandise. You can call us with a credit card or debit card number and we’ll ship the item to you anywhere in the US.

As for pawn extensions, yes! You can make payments over the phone, however only debit card payments are accepted for this.


How does a pawn loan work?

First of all, what is a pawn? A pawn is essentially a loan that you take out on your personal items in return for immediate cash.

Now we’ll explain how pawn loans work. You can bring any item of value into one of our 14 locations in Florida. Our experienced pawnbrokers will then make a free competitive appraisal based on the real market value and conditions of your item.

If you accept our offer, you’ll sign and fingerprint a pawn transaction. This means you will have 60 days to redeem your merchandise. To redeem, all you have to do is return to the store in which you originally pawned your item, and pay the monthly flat rate fee + principal.

Can I extend my pawn contract?

If you need more time, we can extend your contract in-person or by phone and you will simply pay the fee. If you decide to walk out of your loan, there will be no consequences to your credit and you are certainly more than welcome to come back and continue pawning, selling and buying at Queen of Pawns.

Can I pawn even if I have a low credit score?

Absolutely. Our loans are collateral based and do not require credit checks.

Quick tip: if you are worried about not getting a loan for an expensive item, then you can start small.

If I have a pawn loan out, can I get another?

YES! We can give you a loan on as many products as you want. You can come as often as you’d like too. We are here to provide short term financial solutions for all of our customer's needs.

How many days do I have to redeem my merchandise?

Pawn transactions expire 60 days after the signature of the transaction. If for some reason, you cannot stop by, we invite our customers to call us. We are here to help you in any way we can.

If you decide to walk out of your loan, there will not be any consequences to your credit.

Is my item (collateral) safe while on pawn?

Absolutely, your item will be safe! For more information on how we ensure the safekeeping of our products, please contact us or call any of our stores.

What happens if I don’t pay back my pawn loan? Can I still pawn something else?

There are zero consequences to your credit if you do not pay back your loan. If you choose to walk out, title of the item passes to us with no action needed on your end.

If you walk out of your loan, you are still more than welcome to come back and pawn, buy, or sell any items.


How does your pawn shop layaway program work?

If you fall in love with a product at any of our stores, you can make a 10% down payment of the item’s price and then pay for the product later. We will hold it for you for 90 days! After the item has been paid for in full, you can pick it up and take it home.

Our clients use our layaway program often when they want to buy a special product, like a piece of jewelry or a luxury watch.

Contact us for more information!

Can I use the layaway program for gold?

Of course! See details on the question above if you are curious about how our layaway program works.

Can I use the layaway program for a firearm?

Absolutely. See details on the question above if you are curious about how our layaway program works.

Gold, Precious Stones, & Luxury Items

How do you determine the price of gold?

The price of gold fluctuates constantly depending on global prices. It also depends on the purity of your gold. 24k is pure gold, so this of course will get the highest amount. 18k, 14k and 10K are a mixture of gold and other metals such as silver and copper and are therefore less pure and less valuable. 

At Queen of Pawns we are equipped with state-of-the-art technology which allows us to identify the purity of your gold without damaging your jewelry. Bring your gold in for a free appraisal! 

How do you determine the price of diamonds?

Our pricing is determined by size, cut, clarity, carat, and color.

Do pawn shops take scrap gold? Do pawn shops take broken jewelry?

Yes to both! The value of gold depends on the purity of the gold and also on its weight. Even if your jewelry is broken, you can still pawn it or sell it. 

How much money can I get for selling or pawning my gold? How much does QOP pay per Karat? 

The price of gold is not fixed, it varies depending on the international market. At QoP, you get the most for gold. The amount you receive for your gold will depend on the current global price of gold, how pure it is, and how heavy it is. 

See “How do you determine the price of gold?” above for more details, contact us, or call any of our stores.

Can I sell or pawn my diamonds?

Yes! Queen of Pawns is the best place to pawn, buy, and sell natural diamonds. If you have a special diamond we invite you to call us in advance so that we can plan an appointment with our GIA certified pawnbrokers.

We are fully equipped with state of the art technology that allows us to identify natural diamonds from lab grown diamonds. We only pawn, buy, and sell natural diamonds.

Can I sell or pawn my watch?

Yes! Queen of pawns is an expert in luxury watches. We specialize in Rolex, Jaeger, LeCourltre, Greget, Piaget, Patek Philippe, Acheron Constantin, IWC Schaffhaousen, Cartier, Chopard, Piaget, Bulgari, Hublot, and more.

We encourage our clients to bring the original boxes and certificates of authenticity.


Can I pawn a car? Can I pawn an old or antique car?

Yes, we accept cars, motorcycles, trailers and other vehicles as collateral too! To get a loan on your vehicle:

1) Make sure the title is clean, clear and current. There must be no lien notations for a certificate of title to be acceptable.

2) Our appraisal and offer is based on the results of a title check, visual inspection, test drive, and pricing from the Kelley Blue Book.

Where does my car go after pawning? Do I have to leave my car with you for a loan?

For the duration of the loan, we will keep possession of both the title and the vehicle. Florida law forbids pawn shops from issuing title loans. Your vehicle will be safely stored and kept at one of our locations.


Can I sell, buy, or pawn a firearm at all Queen of Pawns locations?

Not all of our locations have an FFL, which legally permits us to sell or accept pawns for firearms. Queen of Pawns locations that do have an FFL are: 

31 S Federal Hwy Deerfield Beach FL 33441

3380 S Military Tr Lake Worth FL 33463
1180 S Military Tr West Palm Beach FL 33415
6080 Okeechobee Blvd West Palm Beach FL 33417
4900 Broadway Ave West Palm Beach ‍FL 33441
821 N Military Tr West Palm Beach FL 33415

5831 S Orange Blossom Tr Orlando FL 32839
5623 W Colonial Dr Orlando FL 32808

7202 E Hillsborough Ave Tampa FL 33610

Do I have to be a Florida resident to buy, sell, or pawn a firearm?

No! You do not have to be a Florida resident, but you will have to find a dealer in your home state that will accept a transfer dealer-to-dealer. Question about this? Give us a call!

You must also meet the legal requirements in Florida. See them below. 

What are the legal requirements to buy, sell, or pawn a firearm in Florida?

To buy, sell, or pawn a firearm, you must be at least 21 years of age and must not be a prohibited person as defined in the Gun Control Act (GCA). 

If you are pawning the firearm, you must also be the legal owner of the gun. 

Do we do FFL transcripts?

If you want to buy a gun from another FFL licensed dealer outside of the state, we can do an FFL transfer. We do not offer private party transfers or transactions.

Do we sell or buy Class 3 firearms?

We do not sell or buy Class 3 firearms.

Do we pawn, buy or sell ammo?

Yes we do, but we only buy or pawn on the locations that sell firearms.

How old do you have to be to buy ammo?

You must be at least 21 years old to buy ammo from us

Can I still buy a firearm without the Concealed weapon permit?

You can buy a firearm without a concealed weapon permit. A mandatory wait period will apply per Chapter 790 of Florida Statutes.he mandatory waiting period is either 3 days, excluding weekends and holidays, or the time it takes to complete the required criminal background check—whichever occurs later. However, some counties extend the wait period up to 5 days, like Palm Beach County and Hillsborough County 

However, the mandatory waiting period does not apply to:
  • The “trade-in of another firearm”
  • The purchase of a rifle or shotgun by somebody who has completed a 16-hour hunter safety course and possesses a hunter safety certification card
  • Purchases by law enforcement, correctional officers, or service members