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Queen of Pawns at Lauderdale Lakes
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Why Pay Full-Retail Price? 

At Queen of Pawns you’ll find a wide range of second-hand top-quality brands at a fraction of their retail price.

Queen of Pawns why pay full retail praice
Exceptional track record since 1995

Our Prices are Negotiable

The widest variety of treasures at unbeatable prices

Queen of Pawns prices are negotiable

Sustainable shopping since 1995

Shopping at Queen of Pawns is an affordable-luxury experience where carbon-conscious customers find a world of second-hand top-quality brands at a fraction of their retail price.

Every item we offer for sale is an opportunity to access great savings, to embrace the circular economy, and to recycle and be good to the environment.

Queen of Pawns let's bargain

Let’s Bargain

We make shopping at Queen of Pawns a hassle-free, unique experience – you can negotiate prices on just about any item in our store!

Whether you enjoy the hunt for amazing products at unbeatable prices, look for discounts on your favorite name brand items, or practice sustainable shopping regularly, we have you covered all year long.

Are you ready to save money? Come shop at one of our 14 pawnshop locations in Florida!

Queen of Pawns treasure hunt

Treasure Hunt

Due to the nature of our business, our products are one of a kind and our inventory rotates daily. Every Queen of Pawns store will have something different to offer you.

With 14 Queen of Pawns locations across Florida, we can assure you that you will find the widest variety of treasures while shopping with us. We encourage you to visit not just one, but all of our stores as often as possible to discover the thousands of items currently available for purchase.

Queen of pawns shop with confidence

Shop with Confidence

We go above and beyond for your shopping experience. When you find an item you’d like to purchase, our team of pawnbrokers demonstrate and test the product before you acquire it – quality and honesty are the forefront of our business.

Our exceptional track record, beginning in 1995, proves the unmatched level of professionalism and care that we put into our screening, vetting, curating, and testing process for each and every product. Whether this is your first visit or your 50th, we can guarantee a confident shopping experience for every time.

Queen of Pawns shop and save


Due to our sales being final and our products sold “as is,” we work to provide you the peace of mind you deserve with every purchase before you leave our store. 

We are extremely flexible, within reason.

Queen of Pawns free layaway program

Layaway Program

When something special catches your eye, whether for a future gift, a Christmas present, or other, we want you to have it.

If you do not have the full amount on hand to buy it, we allow you to seal the deal anyways at the current price and take your time completing your purchase through flexible installment payments. Thanks to our signature Layaway Program*, you can walk away with the product you deserve!

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* 10% minimum deposit required at time of purchase. Layaway must be paid off and picked up no more than 90 days after the initial deposit. Layaway terms are extendable in writing only. Once layaway terms expire, deposits will be forfeited, and items will be put back on the sales floor. There are no layaway or service charges. Layaways are non-cancellable, non-refundable, and non-exchangeable. Layaway articles are removed from the sales floor, and large layaway purchases will remain on the sales floor but will be marked sold.


Jewelry, Scrap gold,
Precious metals ...  


Gold, Silver, Collectibles Bullions ...


Precious &
Semiprecious Stones.


Rolex, Vacheron, LeCoultre ...

What can I buy at Queen of Pawns?


Vuitton, Gucci, Hermès ...


Apple, Microsoft, Accessories ...


TVs, Cameras, Video Games ...


Musical Instruments, Speakers, Mixers ...


Drills, Saws, Mowers ...


Bikes, Jet skis, Gym Equipment ...


Cars, Motorcycles, Accessories ...


Glock, Ammunition, Accessories ...

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