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Ditch the crowded malls and online shopping delays and head to your local Queen of Pawns for unbeatable Christmas deals.

Queen of Pawns at Lauderdale Lakes

Florida Pawn Shops During the Holidays: Unwrap the Savings!

Enjoy treasure hunting unique and budget-friendly gifts? We are your ultimate destination for holiday shopping in Florida. From electronics to jewelry, tools to sporting goods, our list of goods ensures you'll find the perfect presents for everyone on your list. With unbeatable prices, a FREE layaway program, and convenient locations throughout the state, we make your holiday shopping experience both affordable and memorable.

Shop and save big!

Affordable gifting season!

Get ready to dive into Queen of Pawns’ Christmas Shopping, an incredible selection of awesome savings on top-quality pre-loved merchandise at prices you won’t believe.

Queen of Pawns at Lauderdale Lakes

Why Pawn Shops with Natural Diamonds are the Ultimate Hidden Gem

We are your ultimate source for authentic, natural diamond jewelry at extraordinary prices. Explore our vast collection of engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, and more, all meticulously selected for their exceptional beauty and value. Come visit any of our locations and experience the thrill of finding the perfect diamond to cherish for years to come.

November 12, 2023
Since 1995

The Best Pawn Rates

Our mission is to lend you money

Queen of Pawns the pawn best rates since 1995

Unlock Incredible Savings for Black Friday 2023: Your Ultimate Pawn Shop Guide

This Black Friday, ditch the crowded malls and long lines and head to your local Queen of Pawns pawn shop for unbeatable deals on a wide range of items. From electronics and jewelry to musical instruments and tools, we have something for everyone. With our unique selection and unbeatable prices, you're sure to find the perfect gifts or upgrades without breaking the bank. Plus, we offer layaway options to make your shopping even more affordable. So come on down to Queen of Pawns this Black Friday and discover the hidden treasures that await you.

November 8, 2023
Since march 25th 1995

Enhancing our community through Art

We are excited to share the result of our collaboration with Osceola County and Osceola Arts. Florida artsit Brandy Swope just gifted our community a super colorful architectural mural. Please stop by our Kissimmee store at 1700 W Vine St Kissimmee FL 34741

Queen of Pawns Kissimmee Mural by Brandy Swope

How to Score High-Quality Laptops at Bargain Prices

We specialize in selling high-quality, name-brand laptops for a fraction of their original retail price. We have a wide selection of laptops including Macbook Pros and Ipads to choose from and have a rigorous inspection process in place to ensure that all of our laptops are functional and reliable. Find your perfect laptop at a fraction of the retail price!

October 28, 2023

The Best Pawnshop in Florida since 1995

Queen of Pawns offers QUICK CASH PAWN and SELL FOR CASH services to transform any of your personal valuables into instant cash. We are also an affordable shopping destination where you can SHOP AND SAVE on pre-loved top-quality brands and a wide range of products at unbeatable prices, from natural diamonds and gold jewelry, to collectible timepieces, luxury brands, electronics, computers, power tools ... and more.

Our mission is to provide alternative solutions for your short-term financial needs at the best pawn rates in Florida and empower our communities to embrace sustainable shopping practices. We serve Miami, Lauderdale-Lakes, Deerfield Beach, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Port Saint Lucie, Kissimmee, Orlando, and Tampa.


Quick Cash Pawn

Receive the highest appraised value for your products with the best rates in Florida.


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Get quick cash for just about any item of value in minutes.


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Shop high-end, quality brands without breaking the bank.


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Queen of Pawns the best pawn rates since 1995

Fast and Easy Pawn Cash

Looking for ways to make fast cash? Our quick cash pawn service is the way to go. Bring us any item of value, and leave with money in your pockets. No secrets, no hidden fees… just a quick process:

We give you a FREE competitive appraisal so you can get top dollar based on your item’s current market value.

You decide to pawn or to keep.

If you pawn, you can extend, redeem, or walk out of your pawn at no expense to your credit.

Queen of Pawns the best price in gold

Recycle for Cash

… and get the most for products you no longer need or want! 

When you sell to Queen of Pawns, you’re choosing to embrace the idea behind a circular economy, meaning all that is brought to us will be recycled, whether through cash, valuables, or merchandise.

We put you in control of the outcome, whether you pawn for fast cash or a quick sell, and here’s how we make it happen:

Gather up the items you no longer want or need.
Bring them in for a FREE competitive appraisal (this’ll get you the best bang for your buck).
Choose to sell for immediate cash or keep!
Queen of Pawns unbeatable prices

Why pay the full retail price?

Unbeatable Prices

Why pay the full retail price for a high-end product when at Queen of Pawns you can shop and save BIG? Want to become a savvy shopper, embrace sustainable shopping, and save on affordable luxury at unbeatable prices?

Next time you’re looking for pre-loved top-quality brands and products like gold and diamond jewelry, Rolex watches, Louis Vuitton bags and shoes, Playstations, Apple Computers, Gibson electric guitars, Harley Davidson bikes, and more, count on Queen of Pawns.


Jewelry, Scrap gold,
Precious metals ...  


Gold, Silver, Collectibles Bullions ...


Precious &
Semiprecious Stones.


Rolex, Vacheron, LeCoultre ...

What can I pawn, sell, or buy?


Vuitton, Gucci, Hermès ...


Apple, Microsoft, Accessories ...


TVs, Cameras, Video Games ...


Musical Instruments, Speakers, Mixers ...


Drills, Saws, Mowers ...


Bikes, Jet skis, Gym Equipment ...


Cars, Motorcycles, Accessories ...


Glock, Ammunition, Accessories ...