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We humbly offer the best  rates, negotiable bargain prices, act with integrity and treat our customers with the upmost respect and dignity.

Queen of Pawns since 1995

Cash For Gold

We pawn, sell and buy gold. All karats. Scrap gold. Best prices.

Queen of Pawns cash for gold

About Queen of Pawns

From opening our first Queen of Pawns shop in 1995 to now, we have grown thanks to the wonderful patronage of our trusted customers who continue to choose us.

Today, our professional team of bilingual pawnbrokers offers outstanding customer service in 14 locations across South, Central, and West Florida. What once was an idea is now a second-generation family owned and operated company with more than 40 years of pawnbroking experience.

Our passion is to give you the best rates in the industry, maintain fair prices, and build lasting relationships with our customers based on integrity, dependability, and fairness.

We hope you’ll visit us soon.


The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.


The sense of overwhelming strength, confidence, and power in one’s life.


The ability to not only understand, but also share the feelings of another.

Queen of Pawns founded in 1995

Enhancing Our Communities Through Art

Queen of Pawns believes in the power of art and community building. With a sincere desire to strengthen our relationship with our neighborhoods, we invite local artists to express themselves through mural art, music or video.

Brandy Swope

Collaboration with Osceola County
and Osceola Arts
@ Kissimmee FL

Queen of Pawns Kissimme mural by Brandy Swope
Kenji Kreations

@ Deerfield Beach FL 

Queen of Pawns Deelfield Beach Mural by Kenji Kreations

Joy, Love, Happiness
@ N Military Tr WPB FL

Queen of Pawns mural by Shoker
Queen of Pawns mural by Shoker
Queendoq and Brooklyn Boon

How Bad You Want It @ Miami

Oltuski Art

Unity and Dependability
@ Lauderdale Lake FL

Queen of Pawns mural by Oltusky Art
Brandy Swope

Integrity, Empowerment, Empathy
@ 1180 S Military Trail WBP FL

Queen of Pawns mural by Brandy Swope
Queen of Pawns mural by Brandy Swope
Naomi Haverland

Roar of Empowerment
@ E Fowler Ave TAMPA FL

Queen of Pawns mural by Naomi Haverland
Omar Esquivel

Imaginary Cash Factory

Queen of Pawns mural by Omar Esquivel
Cass Womback

Industrial Geometry
@ E Hillsborough Ave TAMPA FL

Queen of Pawns mural by Cass Womback
Joe Starkweather

QoP Alphabet
@ S Orange Blossom Tr ORALNDO FL 

Queen of Pawns mural by Joe Starkweather
Jennfier Chaparro

Mandala of Togetherness
@ 3380 S Military Trail WBP FL

Queen of Pawns mural by Jennifer Chaparro

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