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How Pawn Works

Our team of professional bilingual pawnbrokers is here to make your life easier when it comes to your personal finances.

We provide the best pawn rates in Florida by offering the most fair and honest collateral-based loans with the lowest pawn rates for all kinds of valuable items and all kinds of people, including those with bad credit or in need of a personal loan, and those with a need for fast cash.

To get a pawn, you will not need a credit check. Instead, we will go through the following steps to get you cash before you leave our shop:

Competitive Appraisal

After performing a market analysis, we give you the best and highest appraisal, including in store jewelry appraisals, based on the current condition and value of your item.


Get Cash Instantly

When you hand us an item of value, you’ll have the option to sign and fingerprint to accept or hang on to your item of value. If you leave it with us, we’ll give you cash on the spot.


No Credit Check Loans

There are two benefits to pawning with us: being able to choose to extend or redeem your transaction, and having the freedom to walk away at any time with NO harm to your credit.

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Who can pawn?

Looking for ways to make fast cash? Our quick cash loans are the way to go. Bring us any item of value, and leave with money in your pockets. No secrets, no hidden fees… just a quick process:

How to get the most money from a pawn shop

The more you increase the value of your item, the higher our offer will be. 

If you’re looking for ways to get the most money out of your sale, we encourage you to bring the item in its original box, instructions, authenticity certificates, original accessories, and anything else that adds value to your product.

Have questions about valorizing a specific product? Give any of our 14 stores a call.

How does the appraisal process work for pawn loans?

The first step in the appraisal process is to ensure an accurate valuation of your item(s).

Our team of bilingual pawnbrokers has access to state-of-the-art technology and software with advanced algorithms to cross-reference thousands of sources to determine the absolute highest market value for your products including electronics, tools, musical instruments, computers, sporting goods, and any other products you bring in!

We do our best to meet your expectations, but love to exceed them. Our offers are fair, competitive, and the best in Florida.

Queen of Pawns at Lauderdale Lakes

Get Instant Cash

If you accept our offer, sign, and fingerprint the pawn transaction, we give you money instantly.

We’re a pawn shop that buys just about any item of value. Although we’ll hold the item in our warehouses, your property remains yours. All pawned items are fully insured and protected with 24/7 video surveillance and state-of-the-art vaults.

After pawning your item, you can:

Redeem your property, meaning you take your merchandise home
Extend your transaction based on your needs
Walk out of your loan without hurting your credit
Queen of Pawns in Tampa

How to Redeem Your Pawned Items

For Unbeatable Brands and Products

You will have 60 days to recover your pawned items! If you’d like to redeem any of your pawned merchandise, you’ll simply need to pay off the principal and any outstanding fees. As a quick reminder, only the person whose name appears on the pawn receipt is allowed to reclaim the merchandise.

We encourage our customers to give us a call if they are unable to make it to our store before their pawn contract expires. We are happy to help you in any way we can.

We pride ourselves on offering the best pawn rates in Florida since 1995. Don’t just take our word for it… we invite you to shop around and compare.

Queen of Pawns best pawnshop in Tampa

Can you extend your pawn loan term?

Absolutely! At Queen of Pawns, you can extend the term of your loan for as long as or as many times as you need to. No questions asked. All you’ll need to do is pay the flat rate fee and your loan will be extended for another 30 days.

Queen of Pawns at Okeechobee

How to Cancel Your Pawn Loan

If you don’t miss your item and don’t wish to redeem it, have no fear. Your credit will not suffer and you won’t face any penalties if you decide to walk out of your loan!

We make it very simple for you to opt out without any trouble.

Queen of Pawn best prices on Rolex

Pawn with Confidence

Impeccable track record for more than 25 years

Queen of Pawns is a trustworthy company with an impeccable history of our customers pawning and selling with confidence. We have worked hard to build and uphold a reputation around honesty and integrity.

We report each and every transaction to law enforcement daily. In the unfortunate event that a stolen product is sold or pawned to any of our 14 stores, we are fully committed, in good faith, to cooperate with local law enforcement to help lawful owners be reunited with their property. 

The statistics on this are remarkably low. According to the National Pawnbrokers Association, less than 0.1% of pawnshop transactions are linked to stolen goods.

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