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Recycle for Cash

Go through your closets, select those products you no longer need or want and bring them to Queen of Pawns for a competitive appraisal. We give you the most amount of money for your items and you get immediate cash

On March 25th Queen of Pawns celebrates its

28th Anniversary

We are excited to announce we are collaborating with Osceola County, Osceola Arts and Artist Brandy Swope to embellish our community with an exterior mural in our Kissimmee store.  

Since 1995

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At Queen of Pawns, we give our customers easy, convenient solutions to short-term financial needs – and we’ve done it the same way since 1995 with the best rates and highest-quality pre-owned merchandise in all of Florida.

We focus on quality, honesty, and fairness in all that we do. From the products we buy and sell to the pawn loans we provide, our mission is to provide you with unmatched customer service, give you a dependable place to shop and sell, and serve as an honest resource to get cash fast.


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Receive the highest appraised value for your products with the best rates in Florida.


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Get quick cash for just about any item of value in minutes.


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Shop high-end, quality brands without breaking the bank.


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Fast and Easy Pawn Loans

Looking for ways to make fast cash? Our quick cash loans are the way to go. Bring us any item of value, and leave with money in your pockets. No secrets, no hidden fees… just a quick process:

We give you a FREE competitive appraisal so you can get top dollar based on your item’s current market value.
You decide to pawn or to keep.
If you pawn, you can extend, redeem, or walk out of your loan at no expense to your credit.

Recycle for Cash

… and get the most for products you no longer need or want! 

When you sell with Queen of Pawns, you’re choosing to embrace the idea behind a circular economy, meaning all that is brought to us will be recycled, whether through cash, valuables, or merchandise.

We put you in control of the outcome, whether you pawn for fast cash or a quick sell, and here’s how we make it happen:

Gather up the items you no longer want or need.
Bring them in for a FREE competitive appraisal (this’ll get you the best bang for your buck).
Choose to sell for immediate cash or keep!

Unbeatable Prices

For Unbeatable Brands and Products

Sustainable shopping is bargain hunting, but with far more quality. Our customers are smart shoppers who know how to get the best products at unbeatable prices. Why pay the full retail price for a high-end product when you could shop with us and save?

Next time you’re looking for second-hand top-quality brands and products like gold and diamond jewelry, Rolex watches, Louis Vuitton bags and shoes, Playstations, Apple Computers, Gibson electric guitars, Harley Davidson bikes, and more, count on Queen of Pawns.


Jewelry, Scrap gold,
Precious metals ...  


Gold, Silver, Collectibles Bullions ...


Precious &
Semiprecious Stones.


Rolex, Vacheron, LeCoultre ...

What can I pawn, sell, or buy?


Vuitton, Gucci, Hermès ...


Apple, Microsoft, Accessories ...


TVs, Cameras, Video Games ...


Musical Instruments, Speakers, Mixers ...


Drills, Saws, Mowers ...


Bikes, Jet skis, Gym Equipment ...


Cars, Motorcycles, Accessories ...


Glock, Ammunition, Accessories ...


Celebrating 28 years | Why Choose Queen of Pawns?

Today, March 25th, we get to celebrate 28 years in the pawn industry, but more importantly, almost 40 years of giving back to our communities in Florida by providing high quality, affordable merchandise for bargain seekers and savvy shoppers, and, by giving those who need quick cash an easy, fast way to get it. Read a bit of our story and how we differentiate ourselves from other pawn shops!


Recycle for Money | Items to Sell for Quick Cash

Recycling household items is a quick and easy way to generate fast cash. Our customers have gotten smart when it comes to their spring cleaning – they make money while doing it! Let us show you how.

Elizabeth Beall
March 17, 2023
 min read